wukhet (wukhet) wrote,

So, Rearch is Mostly Done

And now it's time to tweak those extended outline novels into juicy, detailed stories.

And it's time to start looking at proper titles.

Khemet was kind of an over-reach - the stories aren't about the entire country, nor about the pharaohs. It's about the ruler of a sepat anad the people in it, their every day lives and the trials and tribulations and things that happen. Those lives are affected by pharaonic decrees and even by the pharaoh traveling the Nile from time to time, but the pharaoh is never actually "on stage", just the consequences and results of his actions.

I don't know if Pharaoh Pepi II will ever make a direct appearance. His advisor and his Voice and one or more of his scribes might appear, but not him personally.

Possible names:

Tentyra - after the sepat where this all takes place.
Ptahmose - after the primary character
Tags: egypt, khemet, novel, sepat, tentyra
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