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I'm 47,000 words into the story, and discovered that: Neferkhamun has a twin, Neferptah, Ptahmose and Siamon pair up to be like Master Liu and Number Ten Ox, there's a romantic interest between Neferkhamun's main stweard and the nursery maid, Neferkhamun hires Ptahmose's brother to head his private army - that Neferkhamun had to have a private army to defend against invaders because Pepy has grown too weak to defend Egypt's borders and even a sepat like Tentyra, near the middle of Egypt in a protected curve of the Nile, is not safe.

I've set things up so in the next novel, Neferkhamun is wondering if he should cleave to Pepys or thrown in with the Theban upstart pharaoh. That will become an undernote, a niggly background, through the second, and possibly even the 3rd and 4th novels, and break out in the 5th novel, when drought rears its ugly head.

Ptahmose is developing a romantic interest, too, but he keeps getting sent off with Siamon to deal with unrest throughout Tentyra - whether it's thievry, disrespect to the priests and priestesses, concern over crops and herds, or to record inventories and select where new granaries are to be built.

His sister rises through the ranks of junior priestesshood, creating firm relationships and developing a talent for music.

When her talent for music appears, Ptahmose despairs, for he is not a gifted artist, even if he is an excellent scribe. He wants something unique to himself, something he will forever be remembered for. In the meantime, for fun, he's been writing down little stories to tell his nephews and nieces. Most are the typical Egyptian stories - histories, instructional stories, and such, but some are about people who never existed doing things Egyptians only dreamed of. Unbeknownst to him, Ptahmose is creating the foundations of fiction.

There's a lot of change happening in Neferkhamin's household - he inherited most of his staff, servants, and slaves from his father and they are aging - dying, retiring, and a few moving to more suitable households. Some are marrying and leaving. He's having to hire more and more people, and that task is now placed on the shoulders of his steward for house servants, and on Ptahmose and Siamun for new staff. Traditions are sometimes disrupted, and Neferkhamun still has his ceremonial duties to the priesthood and the people of Tentyra.

I think I am actually packing a lot of data - lots of "tells" instead of "shows" here, which means when I unpack it all, I will have 3 - 5 novels' worth of materials.

This is good.
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