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Now that I've spewed out just over 50,000 words on the Khemet story, I have learned a lot. It's by no means finished, and I've begun the editing process, but the speed and pressure of NaNo let the story take a shape I don't think I could have given it if I'd taken my time.

I do need more research (a given!), but I learned Neferkhamun has a twin brother, that his twin rules the capitol city of his sepat, and that they are providing a lot of essential banter - some of which provides interesting info dumps in the form of needling and arguments. Neferptah is the younger by minutes, but in some ways is cannier than his older brother.

I learned his head scribe (Siamun) was his father's scribe and is elderly, uncannily wise, and was bored until paired up with young Ptahmose.

I got my Master Li and Number Ten Ox pairing, but in a totally unexpected way! Ptahmose is not as innocent as Number Ten Ox, nor did he come from a peasant family although he is closer to peasant roots than Siamun. They will have interesting exploits, based on some of the things they've done so far.

Neferkhamun's wife is a priestess in her own right and holds her own property. She and her mother have a successful business making wine. Her mother thinks Neferkhamun is inconsistent in his policies and never misses an opportunity to jibe him over anything.

Neferkhamun's children are still young, 2 are children under age 3, 2 are students - one is learning to be heri after Neferkhamun, the other tending towards priesthood.

Neferptah's wife is best friends with Neferkhamun's - a source of dismay to the brothers as they are then forced to behave towards one another. She involves herself with the dispersal of the temple offerings, to make sure the people living in the city of Tentyra all have a livable share of grain and beer.

The priestesses of Isis and Hathor hold a high position in the sepat and are greatly respected.

Ptahmose's eldest sister is a priestess of Hathor and he meets her frequently as she and her group of musicians and dancers often perform at Neferkhamun's dinners.

I still have a few story lines to pursue and a few characters who will need introducing as they are hovering in the background right now, nebulous and necessary. I've got a week of NaNo left, so I'm going to try to get their stories and characters teased out some so I'll have more to work with when I edit this up.

I do have the seeds of at least 5 novels here, and have some foreshadowing of events that far in advance (possibly as far as 6 or 7 novels out).
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